My favorite part about writing papers--and history papers in particular--is doing the research. I spent a happy afternoon in the Fort Vancouver regional library looking up documents, pictures, and books about Clark(e) county, Washington. Of course I got sidetracked. It's one of my many superpowers.

I found some great pictures of the area from around the turn of the last century. I showed them to Mr.X who oooh'd and aah'd appreciatively.

Now I've got to read through all the bits and pieces that I've checked out, compare them to the photographs that I've taken of various historical maps, and see what other photos I have got to take still.



Planning Ahead

Registration opened up for the spring term yesterday. I had some time after finishing up the pot sherds project* and before class started.

I am All Anthropology All The Time next term. Hoorah! I'll be going to school Monday through Friday, but it's pretty mellow. Mondays and Wednesdays are just one class, and it's introduction to archaeology taught by the very doctoral candidate whom I helped with her pot sherds project. Tuesdays and Thursdays start early (oh, the pain) with "Peoples of the World" which studies the principles of cultural anthropology by looking at different ethnic groups throughout the world. Then I've got an introduction to physical anthropology with a lab on Tuesday afternoons. On Fridays it's a history of anthropological thought in the middle of the day.

I'm sure it'll be heavy on the reading, but that's fine. I can read.

*Wednesday morning I had the surprising pleasure of cataloging, breaking off a sample from, and packing away the very last pot sherd of the many that were brought back from near Chaco Canyon. The doctoral candidate said that that was the last one, and that she was really happy--two years of always having to do that work whenever she could fit it in. Made me feel good to have helped in some small way.


In Which I Feel Foolish

I suck. I wrote two papers last week at the last minute with very little forethought or planning--even though both assignments appeared on their respective class syllabi. I feel like a jerk--and have gotten the grades that I deserve. I feel foolish for letting it get away from me.


Last Wednesday I had two anthropology exams; bam, bam, right after each other. Yikes. I got my grade for the ANTH101 exam; an A. I do however, know that I missed an important component of answering the last essay question. All I can hope is that the professor will be merciful.

After the exams yesterday, I wandered to the next classroom. I waited outside the class, along with another classmate. After we sat there for a while, she asked how I was doing on my paper.


Oh crap, crap, crap. I forgot entirely about a paper due this Friday at 5:00PM.

I've already requested an extension--for the first time ever--and hope to be able to turn it in next Tuesday. *eep*


In the Midst

Just checked the mid-term grades; three As and a B. I'm pretty chuffed.

I've got tests in both of my anthropology classes this Wednesday. Eek. Tomorrow I've got a meeting with my adviser to plan my spring term classes.


Exam I: Anthropology 330

A week ago Monday was the first anthropology exam. It was in the more advanced class (300-level) and is taught by a working archaeologist. I studied. I panicked. Pored over notes. Freaked out. Studied some more. Last Monday, I walked into class, loins metaphorically girded, and took the test.

Today we got them back. The professor said that scores ranged from 10/60 to 56/60. Guess who got 56? Yep. Me.




Who knew that studying and reading and writing would take up all my time? Harrumph. You mean I can't just put the books under my bed and suck up the knowledge by osmosis? Like damn and how.

I wrote my first paper for the Latin American history class. That was scary, going mad and trying to remember how to do citations MLA-style, as well as how to form a coherent bit of discussion, and get it on paper. It came back today, I got 13/15. It kind of disappointed me, not to get a perfect score. (Yeah, I'm one of those nerds.) This was my first academic paper in about five years. This was the first paper for this professor. Hell, 13/15 is pretty fucking awesome.

Besides, now I have a better idea of what the professor wants in his papers.

Tomorrow I get to write my very first precis. First, I have to figure out what the hell that is. Then I've got to write it. It's due Friday at 17:00. It will happen. Oh yes. It. Will. Happen.